You are currently viewing World Heart Day 2024 Special: Understand heart pain, take care of your heart in this way
World Heart Day

World Heart Day 2024 Special: Understand heart pain, take care of your heart in this way

World Heart Day: Heart is an organ which needs the most care. These days, heart related diseases are increasing very fast. 

World Heart Day:

Heart is the organ in our body that needs the most care, but it faces the most neglect. We often ignore the pain of the heart, due to which we have to suffer huge losses. Many times this ‘pain’ even proves fatal. Earlier, heart attack was seen to be linked to age, that is, there was a possibility of its attack only after a certain age, but now it is not so. Nowadays youth are also falling prey to it and this number is continuously increasing.

According to public health expert Dr. Sameer Bhati, there are many reasons for heart attack, but the most important one is not having the right lifestyle. Young people are not very conscious about their diet, or they think that their body can withstand anything during their youth, whereas it is not so. The diet of most youngsters has a high amount of junk, processed and transfat foods, which increases cholesterol and other metabolic syndromes in the body and gives rise to the possibility of heart attack at an early age.

World Heart Day:

That’s why youth are becoming victims

According to Dr. Sameer Bhati, a direct link of stress with heart attack has also been revealed. People living under extreme stress are more likely to have an attack than others. India has become the capital of diabetes and hypertension. ICMR’s research shows that during Corona, cases of diabetes and high blood pressure have almost doubled. Along with this, cases of fatty liver are also increasing rapidly in people, which increases the chances of heart attack.

World Heart Day
World Heart Day

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World Heart Day

Talking about the increasing danger among the youth, Dr. Bhati said that habits like inactive lifestyle, smoking are rapidly making the youth fall prey to heart related diseases. Due to busy lifestyle, youth stay away from physical activity, their daily step count also remains very low, which is as harmful for the heart as smoking.

World Heart Day: What to do and what not to do

Doctor Bhati said that the thickness of the coronary arteries of Indians is less than that of people of western countries. Therefore, the risk of heart attack in Indians starts 10 years earlier than in Western countries. Therefore, it is very important for us to pay attention to our lifestyle. Especially it is very important to have the right diet. One should avoid eating too much sugar, processed food, junk food and transfat. Apart from this, according to the standards of the World Health Organization, salt should be consumed only 3 to 5 grams.

Consuming too much salt increases the risk of hypertension and this risk increases the risk of heart attack.Doctor Sameer Bhati says that to avoid heart related diseases, attention should also be paid to stress management. Get enough sleep, meditate, spend time in nature, do regular walks, exercise, yoga etc.

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